Welcome to Street Fighter Paradise!

Street Fighter Paradise is a site dedicated to keeping the best roleplaying game ever published by White Wolf alive for future generations! In 1994 White Wolf, best known as the publisher of "Vampire: The Masquerade" and other "World of Darkness" games released "Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game". It was a much more upbeat, pulpy and exciting kind of game than their usual grim fare. Additionally, the game even managed to have an entertaining fight system! It really is pretty amazing how such an unlikely game came together so well.

Here you can expect to find materials for runnning Street Fighter, links to other resources, updates on my personal Street Fighter RPG projects, and eventually some history of the game. Enjoy!


April 3rd, 2024

Hello again everyone! Only minor updates to the site itself. The "Get Street Fighter" section of the site has seen the addition of Warrior's Fist Issue 42, and I also added a small section for Capcom World Tournament so that folks can download the Demo Pack and Playtest documents for that old 2004 RPG that never came to be. Sometimes people get curious about what it was, and this can sate their curiosity. I think it's a little sad the RPG never came out, but am not a fan of the rules as I saw them at the time. Very early 2000s d20 boom energy. In other news, recently someone followed my page on Neocities and it was someone with a... Mongolian/Vampire/Street Fighter RPG Page? It's an interesting, unique mash up campaign idea, and it's neat to see what they are doing and what resources they link to. If you're intrigued, take a look at Karakorum! Also, the Facebook group has been pretty active over the last few days, which I always like to see. People chatting, asking questions, dreaming about making their own martial arts action RPGs... I'm not immune, as I continue to work on my own version of such an RPG that I currently call Rising Forces. I half-jokingly replied to a comment on the Facebook Group saying that we are all students who have studied at the feet of the master (the Street Fighter RPG), and now it was time for us to enter the world to forge our own games, then return in a year to do battle and see which games meet with Master's approval. I'm not going to make any statements or promises about what I'm working on, but hopefully I keep active at it.

January 3rd, 2024

Happy New Year everyone! Nothing major to report today, but there have been a couple updates here lately. The first is that I added the classic "Warrior's Pride" 'zine from 1999 - 2002 to the list of available downloads on the "Get Street Fighter" section of the site. This has been available for download from other places, including Matt's site and the Facebook group I believe, but I added it here for the sake of completeness. Another minor addition was in my "Articles & Resources" section where I added a page describing known errors in "Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary." The idea, of course, is that I will be correcting these errors, and I'm trying to find all of them I can.

December 14th, 2023

The year is coming to a close. I think I'd say 2023 has been a pretty good year for the Street Fighter RPG. Just last Monday, Batjutsu released a supplement of his own making covering the setting of the Brandon Lee movie "Rapid Fire." I helped a little with some layout advice and proof-reading, and it was nice to see what he was able to do with the final product. I'm always a huge fan of fan-made materials looking really slick and similar to the official books.

Other things that have been happening since my last entry: Translations of Warrior's Fist have brought us up to issue 41, plus another special issue! Also, on the "Get Street Fighter" page I have slightly re-organized it to separate the 'zines and supplements. You'll see that I've added a number fan supplements to this area I had not displayed before.

So, short update this time. The Facebook group has been satisfyingly busy with conversation lately. In my personal RPG life I've been playing some DC Heroes, but just last night my friend Rich hit me up with some errata for Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary. Why? Well, he was browsing it while thinking about maybe a new Street Fighter campaign. Who knows what 2024 will bring...

August 21st, 2023

Summer 2023 resulted in yet more translations from the indefatigable Batjutsu, now bringing us up to Warrior's Fist #39! As always, make sure to pay him a visit, because he's been up to more than just the Warrior's Fist translations.

Back on Saturday all of my friends from the "Hissatsu Waza" campaign I was in for over 2 years, we all got together in person for a fun scenario that included a charity tournament. It was the first and only "in person" session of the whole campaign where we used the Street Fighter rules. It was also one player's first time doing a full blown tournament, and she won! I should have figured out a way to get her!!! But... I kept making blocks that didn't pan out trying to set up my combos, or she unexpectedly was tossing a fireball and having range on me, etc. All of the classic stuff where the guessing games don't pan out and you're out of Willpower to compensate for your mistakes. Her character, Nadi, was an Instagram Yoga influencer, my character, Fernando Cruz, was a famous snowboarder born in Acapulco to a known Lucha Libre family. It was a blast and the characters all had that "We're old friends getting back together for a reunion" kind of vibe that was really nice.

So, what about me and projects I've talked about in the past? Here I put together Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary back in 2015. I've made posts and promises on the English Street Fighter Facebook group in the past about a Companion for that. Then, back in March of last year, both here and in the Facebook group I made mention of a 30th Anniversary project. Is there anything to any of what I'd said? To be honest, I really should not say, publically...

I do continue work on a Street Fighter related project, however. I remember back when I was putting together SF:20 I'd made an announcement on Google+, and some time passed and there was a doubter. He figured it was just another random fan making promises they couldn't keep. I felt pretty proud about coming through. It felt good. Now, I have some in-person friends who have been involved in publishing some RPG related material. There are fires that burn, things I would like to prove, and all of that business. I hope to let everyone know when there is a much more solid offering to show.

Follow Your Dreams, Street Fighters!

September 28th, 2022

Summer 2022 produced some more translations from our beloved Batjutsu, including bringing us up to Warrior's Fist #33. While I don't provide links to everything he's translated, I'd recommend you stop over and pay the site a visit to see all that's been done. These include updates and new releases of fan source books involving properties such as Jackie Chan Adventures, King of Fighters, an update to the Circuit Guide, Guilty Gear, Virtua Fighter and Double Dragon! That feels like a lot, and you love to see it!

Another recent incident: A new member of the Facebook group asked around about the creators of SF20, seeking their blessing to build upon the work in their own desire to create a Street Fighter retro-clone. If you're not familiar, a retro-clone is an RPG that functions as a legal clone of an older out of print RPG and they are often produced so that there is a set of rules that can be either freely made available, or it is possible to print and sell the clone, in a way keeping the game alive. There are some legal particulars you must attend to so as to not infringe copyright. Anyways, I granted my blessing, for what it is worth. I wrote maybe 6 pages of SF20, with the rest of it being a compilation of other peoples' copyrighted work, and I can't claim to bless the use of that on the original authors' behalf. It was nice of this new member to ask, though. Perhaps some of my analysis will be of a bit of use.

Speaking of retro-cloning, or creating an RPG based on the principles of Street Fighter, it's definitely a thing I think about a decent amount. There really should be an actively available RPG that provides the magic that Street Fighter provided. I type things up and dream about it myself, but I wouldn't say I'm actively making such a game. If anything, working on SF20 taught me that producing a game is a real grind, like, actual real work! Heck, I didn't even write SF20, it was just a lot of transcribing, organizing and editing, along with layout. Still, I have my spreadsheets of maneuvers. Ideas about how styles should be altered. How I'd change the Attributes. How Abilities should be rethought. All kinds of ideas that float around, but not a ton that get firmly committed to. Best of luck to that group member and his idea for writing up his own game. Heck, maybe my own Dream Match will come to fruition someday.

March 22nd, 2022

Last night I was searching through old documents when I stumbled upon something I never knew I'd actually printed out. I believe it was back around 2004... a company known as Living Room Games had obtained a license, and they'd begun work on a new game: Capcom World Tournament. Back in the day they'd made a 22 page Demo Pack available, which can still be found and downloaded for those curious as to what they had in mind. See, Capcom World Tournament never did see release, it'd only reached playtesting when things stalled out. In addition to the Demo Pack there were certain folks that were recruited for playtesting the game and they recieved a larger document. My friends and I managed to get in on the playtesting. I don't remember how exactly, if we'd e-mailed to apply for being playtesters, or my friend Rich talked to Joe Chan at GenCon, or what. Anyways, we statted up characters and gave the system a try. It was a very d20 Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition era design. Some of the Street Fighter fandom have wondered what was in this document, but it had been lost. About a year back, Joe Chan gave permission to upload it, should it ever be found.

Anyways... enough teasing. Here is what I have! This is a scanned plain text copy I had sitting in my closet, hiding away. It has been OCR'd. It is 118 pages long, but I'm not 100% sure it is the entire document, as you'll see when you look at it. Have fun checking out this old Street Fighter curio.

March 9th, 2022

Hello Street Fighters! We're well into 2022 now, and it's past time for an update on the state of things. In my personal life, I've still been having a blast playing Street Fighter in our "Hissatsuwaza: Fighting with Style" campaign, which has been running for 30 sessions so far. One aspect of the campaign I'd like to eventually bring to the site is the new Maneuvers that have been created. My GM has been pretty creative with new maneuvers, some of the moves possibly being overpowered or underpowered, or some just interesting primarily for their out of combat possibilities, but interesting regardless.

How about the online community? Well, a few more Warrior's Fist issues have been added since my last update, bringing us all of the way up to issue #30 thanks to the Brazilian team and the translation efforts of Batjutsu. Other supplements from that scene have been translated as well, including:

Any news about my own Street Fighter work? Well, interestingly I've now seen another site that sells my SF20 as a hardcover book with bookmark ribbons, which is awesome.

Also, I've been playing the hell out of Streets of Rage 4 and just getting into Streets of Rage in general, which is tempting me to make a supplement for the Street Fighter RPG based on it. The team that made SoR4 also provided great Press Kits and Fan Kits that include a lot of images and sprites... it's beautiful! I've done that thing where I mock up covers and start compiling lists of what would need to be included in such a supplement. I probably shouldn't even mention it without having more done... but the desire to make it happen is there.

Beyond SF20, in the past I have mentioned working on other projects, such as the SF20 Companion or Metro City by Night. Is there any hope I might complete those? My thinking has evolved on this issue. One problem with the SF20 Companion (which I have mountains of material completed for) it that it is absolutely huge (probably 2.5 times more pages than SF20 I'd guess?). Then there is SF20 itself. I am very happy with SF20 and I even see it quite often on download sites presented as if it were the official rules, but it has a few errors I'd love to see corrected. If I corrected the (minor) issues in SF20 and released it, that's cool, but I feel the updated PDF would be confused with the old PDF and never really replace the outdated one in the various download archives. I would also like to mention... I released SF20 back in September 2015, today it is March 2022, and 2024 will be the 30th Anniversary of White Wolf's release of the Street Fighter core book... You see what I'm implying?

The Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 30th Anniversary Project

Oh man... what am I doing to myself?

August 29th, 2021

Summer is nearing its end. What of the Street Fighter community? Well, the Brazilian community is still producing! Since my last post, Mr. Batjutsu has completed translation on and publication of two new issues of Warrior's Fist (Issues 26 and 27), as well as a new supplement: The Street Fighter Circuit Guide - Basic! Check out his site for the files, and I've also including links in the "Get Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game!" section of the site as well. The Facebook group still sees traffic, which is nice. I've also started another blog dedicated to what I call "Modern Action Role-Playing", and I call it "Uzis, Capes & Katanas". Among other things there, I've participated in something called #RPGaDay2021, where every day of August I write an article based on a prompt word for the day. As for what's Street Fighter related about it, well, loving the game, it just naturally comes up from time to time over there, but also on Day 24: Translate, I discuss some history of the Street Fighter scene online, and how great the recent Portuguese/English scene collaborations have been. Feel free to check it out if you're into reading people rave about this game!

March 30th, 2021

The Street Fighter RPG was released over 26 years ago! 26 years is a long time for a game to be out of print, but until recently it was easy enough to pick up copies of the old books on a site like eBay. If you click on that eBay link however, you'll see that currently the books are selling for $50 - $100!!! That's pretty crazy, but I guess it's supply & demand at work. 6 years back, when I created the 20th Anniversary edition, it was definitely because I wanted the rules to survive into the future, even if no new books were ever produced. A really funny thing I noticed a couple weeks back however, really made me laugh. It was another eBay auction!

Yes! Someone had printed out a copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition, stuffed it in some sleeves, and was selling it as the real game! In the description, it includes the line, "Every page is sleeved and in perfect condition!" Now, this kind of thing is capable of bothering some folks, but I find it hilarious and kind of flattering. Also, if the real books are selling for $80, I can kinda see how it creates an opening for this kind of thing. Street Fighter finds a way to continue.

What else is going on in the world of Street Fighter role playing? Well, Batjutsu continues his work at keeping the works of the Brazilian SF scene translated, his last work being on Warrior's Fist #25, among other little bits and bobs I suggest you check out if you're needing new Street Fighter material! In my personal life, I'm still in a Street Fighter campaign where this weekend we just played the 18th session! That's a pretty healthy run of game, and it seems like there is no end in sight. Eventually I'm going to need to compile some of the Special Maneuvers that have been created during the course of the campaign and get them up where you all can see them! Until then, stay strong Fighter!

December 31st, 2020

The trying year of 2020 is now coming to a close. As much of a challenge the year has been for many of us, 2020 has maybe been the best year the Street Fighter RPG fandom has seen in at least 4 years! We've seen Mr. Batjutsu complete translation of every Warrior's Fist 'zine in existence, including the fresh new Holiday 2020 Warrior's Fist Special #8, as well as the Street Fighter Circuit Guide a Mortal Kombat supplement, and an index of all the articles from Warrior's Fist! In June of this year, Matt Meade pushed out a fresh revision of his G-File sourcebook that included stats for Necalli and some additional maneuvers. Matt also worked with Ingo Muller to aid in editing and translation of Ingo's excellent adventure Shadows Over the Sun. Also, not to forget Eric "Musashi" Souza, Odmir Fortez and Gabriel Tabatcheik, who were the source of so much of the material that got translated this year! 2020 was definitely the year of the total Brazilian & American scene crossover. The beginning of the year also saw a lot of conversation and rules questions and musings on the Facebook group that were highly entertaining, and we even saw some old proposals straight from Andrew J. Lucas that he pitched to White Wolf back in the day. Finally, I've enjoyed playing with my Street Fighter site here, and today I've added a brand new resource: The Street Fighter Character Compendium! This compendium contains the character sheets for every character made in the core rules and every supplement published for Street Fighter during its original run. It's kinda done up in the style of a Character Select screen. Hope you enjoy it, and have blast in 2021!

December 13th, 2020

Hey Street Fighters! In the world of the RPG fandom, Mr. Batjutsu has finally done it! He's translated every Warrior's Fist 'zine, including the latest issue #23. Also, the Street Fighter Circuit Guide has been updated to include an appendix describing an alternate way of playing the game in more of a "run through the fight career" style you may wanna check out. Might as well, it's all free! Personally, I've been having a blast playing in a campaign with some friends from back in the day. "Hissatsuwaza: Fighting with Style!" is a campaign that sees us as the cast of a reality TV show where we travel the world, eat food at vacation spots, and meet with local martial artists, where undoubtedly something ridiculous, fun, and martial artsy will go down. We've been playing now for, I believe, 11 sessions! Feels great to be playing a game while also being involved in the fandom. Makes me feel like it's not just me running on some old nostalgia, but it's a real living thing I'm going on about here. Maybe I should do up an article regarding some of the special maneuvers the GM has cooked up for this game, just in case they strike anyone's fancy. I can tell you, this game holds up! If you can, I hope you're able hop on and give this game another ride, because it's all good times.

September 24th, 2020

What's new in the world of Street Fighter roleplaying? Well, we can thank Richard "Bat" Brewster for it! The efforts to translate the Brazilian fan magazine, "Punho do Guerreiro" (Warrior's Fist) has continued at a good pace. As I write this, 25 issues have been translated (19 regular issues, and 6 special issues), leaving only 3 issues before Richard will have caught up to having everything translated up to the current Brazilian output. That's been pretty amazing and great. Another supplement out of the Brazilian scene has also been translated, and it's a good one: The Street Fighter Circuit Guide. This guide is what many felt the original "Contenders" supplement should have been. It is a compilation of fighters for every style and at multiple ranks, so poor Street Fighter GMs don't need to stat out a million fighters to fill out 16 man tournament brackets every session. It's very usable and straight to the point. If you're running a Street Fighter game, I highly recommend you check it out. You can find links to all of this material in the "Get Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game!" section of the site right here.

June 7th, 2020

The Street Fighter RPG scene has produced! The recent uptick in activity on the Street Fighter RPG Facebook group has been followed up with the release of new material. Among those, today Matt Meade has released his latest version of the G-File! Prior to that, Shadows Over the Sun, a new, sizable and quality adventure out of the Brazilian scene had been translated and is now available. The production values are good, and the adventure is decent as well. Also, Batjutsu has been continuing translation efforts on Warrior's Fist, having turned out 7 regular and 2 special issues of this Brazilian fan magazine! Surpising almost everyone, 2020 is turning out to be a decent year to be a fan of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game (even if 2020 may otherwise have... shortcomings).

As for my own efforts, they have been lax. I have begun the task of laying the Street Fighter 20th Anniversary Edition out using Affinity Publisher, and have made my way through the front material and through the 1st couple of chapters. This is not bad, and it is simply a matter of putting in the time to get the rest poured into the new program. There is no "I don't know what to do" about the process holding me up. Then after that, it'd be the corrections and soliciting feedback. With the fandom being as active as it is now, it's going to be a good time for me to get some feedback too, I expect. Anyways, enjoy the latest fruits of the fandom!

May 20th, 2020

Almost 5 years ago I released the 20th Anniversary edition of the Street Fighter RPG. Now it's time for an update! You may notice the site here has seen a bit of a refresh as well. Originally, SF20 was created in LibreOffice, doing whatever I could at the time to make it look like the original books in style. Over the course of the last 5 years some notes have stacked up, as far as errata and improvements needed to SF20, and I've finally begun the process of putting together an updated version. This started with me taking my old files and recreating everything in Affinity Publisher (a layout program similar to Adobe's InDesign). I hope to have that process completed by this Sunday, May 24th. From there, it's time to take notes and incorporate fixes. After I hit everything I've thought of, I'll be getting the revised edition out to some editors to check over. Then... ultimately, a new release!

So, what has me working on a new release now after 5 years? Well, back when I was originally putting together SF20, I told myself I would eventually complete the project by releasing a "Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary Companion", meant to contain all of the characters, locations, adventures, fiction, and other bits that never made it into the original SF20. Between SF20 and the Companion, I'd then have a full replacement for all of the original materials published for the game. Now, 5 years ago, the layout challenge was more than I was up to. Also, SF20 admittedly burnt me out a bit. Recently, however, the Street Fighter Facebook group has seen a massive uptick in activity. Additionally, the Brazilians continue to pump out material for the game, including their own take on a 20th Anniversary edition. This, combined with the strange isolation brought about by "The Plague-Times", has inspired me to step up to the plate again. The actual task of revising SF20 is not huge, but there is enough to fix that I'd love to do it. So, the idea is that the SF20 revision, besides being a needed revision, is also a good step to teach me the ins and outs of Affinity Publisher. This, then, will put me in a good skill position to tackle the Companion. The actual writing, art and character sheets have been ready for the Companion for about 3 years now! It's time to bring it home.

September 8th, 2015

After entirely too much effort, I am proud to announce that the "Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary" Project has released! Check out the SF:20 Project! page for links to download the book itself, as well as all of the original source files so you can play with it yourself!

August 17th, 2015

I can't say that I met my goal of having everything transcribed by the end of last week, but additional progress has been made. The most notable you can find here is solid work on the ending Conclusions Chapter. In addition, some material was added to Chapters 1, 2 and 7. Not visible here is a lot of other transcription work I've done that has yet to be incorporated into the existing chapters. Many of the Spot Rules from the various books have been typed up. As of now, all I believe that remains is to complete transcription of Chapter 4 of the Player's Guide, and Part 2: Chapter 2: Duelist from Contenders. Each of these chapters has been hacked at a bit, but still need to be completed. Feel free to check out the new content on the SF20 Project Page! September 1st release is still looking possible!

August 12th, 2015

'Chapter 1: Introduction' has been added to and heavily revised. In addition to material introducing the book itself, material from Chapter 2 of the original book was added introducing the fictional world of Street Fighter. Also, I did another formatting and editing pass through all of the chapters and have exported updated PDFs so you can see their current state. After finishing Chapter 9 last week, I completed a review of material so I have a pretty good handle on what still needs to be done to get this project finished! I have about 1.5 chapters worth of material to type up, along with some miscellaneous bits and bobs. I'm aiming to get them all typed up by the end of the week, which should keep me on track for meeting my goal of "Project PDF publicly released on September 1st". I'm getting kinda excited...

August 6th, 2015

'Chapter 9: Storytelling' has been added to the SF20 project page. I'm making progress here again! Now to take a sweep through all of the 'Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game' books and take notes on everything I still need to add to get this project wrapped up! My goal is to get this done by the end of August... which is a bold thing to say publicly, but it is what I'm pushing for. Wish me luck!

July 28th, 2015

Some of the other pages have been added, but the only one with some real content so far is the SF:20 Project page. Check it out! It contains links to the current work in progress files for the Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary Edition. Some actual usable stuff here if you're a fan of the game!

July 27th, 2015

Today I started the site! I've done some coloring and CSS styling, but all of the goodness is yet to come!