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The History of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game

Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game was published by White Wolf back in 1994 through 1995. In addition to a core rule book, a small number of supplements were also published.

Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game (1994): The main rules to the game, this book included everything you needed to play. In addition to the core rules, it included character sheets for the World Warriors, which basically means everyone you may remember from Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers. Of the "Bosses" of the game, only Balrog (Boxer) is included, near the back of the book. Along with the characters, their Styles and Special Maneuvers are all detailed. Also included is an introductory adventure, "High Stakes".

Secrets of Shadoloo (1994): This book fleshed out the rest of the bosses of the Street Fighter video games of the time, namely Vega, Sagat and M. Bison (dictator). Additionally, Mriganka, M. Bison's base, is fully detailed.

Shades of Gray / Storyteller's Screen (1994): Shades of Gray is an adventure for Street Fighter. In addition to the adventure, Shades of Gray included a number of additional Abilities and a few Special Maneuvers to round things out. Shades of Gray was included in the Street Fighter Storyteller's screen. This was a fairly standard cardboard screen which had a nice bit of official artwork on the outer side, with the inside containing some key bits of information usable during the game, as well as summaries of all of the Special Maneuvers. Sadly, there were many errors in those Special Maneuver summaries!

Player's Guide (1994):

Contenders (1994): This book contained a large variety of... unusual characters that could be used during a campaign as possible allies or antagonists. Also, additional Styles and Special Maneuvers were included. The Duelist Division (the fighting circuit where people use weapons) was also further addressed, with some more rules for the use of weapons.

The Perfect Warrior (1995): This is a full adventure for Street Fighter, which takes the characters around the world. While almost entirely adventure, the game does specify a new Style as well.