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My Street Fighter Projects!

I'm currently working on a few projects related to Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game.

The goal for the initial "Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 20th Edition" release was simple: Take all of the rules created for the game across all of its supplements and compile them into one volume. The result is a complete rules text you can use to play the game. All character creation rules, backgrounds, styles, maneuvers, abilities, equipment and other assorted rules have been included. Not included are the adventures, introductory fiction, and characters. The goal was to compile, not revise the rules. What you're getting is the rules as they were, with minor corrections. All corrections and decisions made during clean up are be documented and explained, just so you're aware. The idea is to preserve the game. As much as is possible, text was simply transcribed (with corrections as necessary) and organized sensibly (though not necessarily as it was in the original books). See below for the book and source files:

Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary Edition: The PDF e-book you've been looking for!

Source 1 - SF:TSG 20th Anniversary (Google Drive) (last updated: 09/08/2015)
Source 2 - SF:TSG 20th Anniversary (SFRPG.com) (last updated: 09/08/2015)
Source 3 - SF:TSG 20th Anniversary (DCA) (last updated: 09/08/2015)

The SF20 Source Files: A .zip file containing all of the LibreOffice source files, fonts, covers, border images, header images, and maneuver diagrams, along with a helpful style guide.

Source 1 - The SF20 Source Files (Google Drive) (last updated: 09/08/2015)
Source 2 - The SF20 Source Files (SFRPG.com) (last updated: 09/08/2015)